Life is, indeed, very good.

Life is, indeed, very good.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

extrovert gets introvert time

Cabin fever. We have it. I posted this picture because my boys eat, sleep and breathe football right now, and they really need to burn off some energy. They played outside today (we had FIFTEEN full minutes of sunshine..."Get outside! QUICK!" I yelled at them....) and all they played was "tackle". Well let me say that because of the partial thaw and rain last week, and due to the colder temps this week, there is a solid layer of ice underneath all the new snow. They might as well be "tackling" on hard concrete. During the outside frolic today we had a total of two bruised cheeks, one black eye, and three bloody noses. Sigh.

So that's not really what my post is all about. Tim says I need to post pictures, and I figured it would be proper to at least explain why I picked the one I did, even if it has nothing to do with things. So there you have it.

It is 8:50pm. I have ten precious minutes left before Panera kicks me out. I have been here since 6pm. I have eaten a delicious meal, had a cup of coffee and a cookie, and have not spoken a word for three hours. (I did, however, treat the surrounding tables to a couple of newscasts and a really great sermon I was listening to, not realizing that my earbuds weren't plugged in all the way...oops.) I was supposed to have a meeting tonight that I was really looking forward to, but it was cancelled. Tim was already planning on me being gone for the evening, and his wise wife-intuition of 13 years told him I could stand to get out of the house. My yelling at him for buying chips and salsa at the store apart from my planned grocery budget for the week may have tipped him off. (My three hours at Panera cost considerably more, but we all know that's different.) Anyway, he is very intuitive of my need for replenishing, so he sent me packing. I didn't object. I'm really pretty much an extrovert. I love being with people, love being where the action is, love being with my family hanging out, love a good conversation. But once in a while I just need to be alone. I tried calling a friend to meet, but she couldn't. And I had to resist the temptation to keep trying to get someone to meet me for a good heart to heart and cup o' joe. Because tonight I think God was whispering in my heart that I just needed to be alone. Alone with Him, alone to gather my thoughts, alone to recharge. And that's just what I did. And now I'm ready for another day....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

the "look"

I asked Janie to give me her best "Ten-year-old look". I think it's spot on, yes? I get lots of these looks, most of which are good-natured and in good fun....usually when mom is acting goofy and immature. There are those times when "the look" is not so good-natured, but we'll address those at perhaps another time. Anyway, Janie had a very fun "first" this week....she had her first orchestra rehearsal with Quad City Youth Prelude Strings. She's been taking violin lessons for just over a year, and this fall auditioned for the Prelude Strings ensemble. She wasn't wild about the idea, and was convinced she wasn't going to like which point I told her that if I was spending $X per month on lessons only for her to play the instrument in her room with the door closed, then we needed to rethink things. So we arrived at the first rehearsal, she found her seat, they warmed up and began playing the first piece. Her first words as soon as the rehearsal was over: "Mom, thank you SO much for making me try out for this! I LOVED it!". (Yes, yes, moms do know a thing or two...) I think she thought they would all be playing in unison, and was delighted once they began the first piece to hear all of the parts coming together to create a wonderful sound! Hooray! Very fun to see a lightbulb go on in a child's mind! What a great joy it is to see your kids grow and learn and mature, even if you do get a couple of "looks" in the process! Love you, Janie!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thanks, Mrs. G...

Today I ran across this post on the Pioneer Woman blog. PW didn't write it, but she often has a guest post-er named Mrs. G on the homeschooling section of her blog. I always enjoy Mrs. G's posts. They're very real and down to earth. She's a professional writing teacher, I believe, and has two grown children whom she homeschooled. In one particular post, she was talking about getting boys to write and how you just need to be okay with it if an integral part of their plot is that the main character poops his pants. Anyway (I digress), I always love her posts. Today's was the perfect medicine for any homeschooling mother (or any mother for that matter) who begins to have any of the following thoughts:
1. "I'm not doing enough."
2. "Whatever I am doing, I'm not doing it well enough."
3. "I should be reading War and Peace to my children during lunch."
4. "My kids will grow up to be social deviants because I didn't read War and Peace to them during lunch."
5. "Good moms are up before dawn, have had a quiet time, have run three miles, and are ready to serve a warm and nutritious breakfast to their family when they wake up." get the idea... :) I think we all have days when we feel like rock stars at whatever it is we do, and then there are the days when those icky thoughts creep in and grow mold on everything, the kids are lucky if they get corn flakes for dinner, and we'd rather not speak to anyone all day if we can help it! Mrs. G's post today is one of those that puts things in perspective and reminds me to laugh at myself instead of taking everything so doggone seriously. LOVE IT. Whether you're a homeschooler or not, I think you'll enjoy the post. Thanks, Mrs. G!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Those groomsmen......

Sam: Mom, you know "bridesmaids"?
Me: Um, yes?
Sam: What are those other guys called? Grooms-minions?

......a random dialogue brought forth from the thoughts of an eight year old......