Life is, indeed, very good.

Life is, indeed, very good.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July: part 2 The Strongs

Just after the Ann Arbor wedding, we headed 15 minutes west to Chelsea, MI, where our dear friends Tanya and Luman Strong live. Tanya and I met one summer while working at a camp in the Crystal Falls, MI (she was the camp nurse, and I the arts and crafts director) and became kindred spirits at once. After college, we both found jobs in the QC and became roommates, and have been part of each others' lives ever since. It had been SIX YEARS since we've gotten our families together, so our being in Michigan meant a must-stop at the Strongs. It was great to see them and spend the 4th of July together....our husbands both avid (and particular) coffee drinkers made for a delicious and caffeine-filled few days. Here are some highlights!

It was a HOT few soon as we arrived, the kids all jumped in the pool for some cooling off.

Tim with little 17 month old Simeon. He is such a funny little guy with the cutest little grin!

On July 4th, we were up early for a pancake breakfast and parade. Chelsea, MI is home of the Jiffy Mix factory, so during the parade, they tossed out boxes of various Jiffy mixes! Fun! None of us got hit in the head with one, in case you were wondering. :)

We spend some time at Long Lake swimming and hanging out...the kids had fun catching fish with their nets! (Janie has one in her net)

We also got to canoe around the lake...the kids had fun jumping/diving off the dock that was out in the middle of the lake. That's some real summer fun!

That night, the kids were pretty worn they crashed on the couch with a movie and parade candy while we adults sat outside and drank iced coffee...

The Strong Family..Selah, Tanya, Simeon, Boaz, and Luman

Janie had Selah by her side the WHOLE time! So cute!

It was so good to spend time with the Strongs...friendships like these are good for the soul!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer 2011

Well, it has certainly been a crazy summer. Full of all the usual summer, swimming, weddings, trips, birthdays, camp. Most of you already know that in early June I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At first it looked like all our summer plans were about to go out the window, but it hasn't turned out that way. We had some waiting to do while we decided what kind of surgery I would need, so we were still able to do most of the traveling we had planned on. I thought for a long time about how to keep folks updated on the cancer side of things. I pretty much wear my heart on my sleeve, so it's important to me to open about what's going on in my life and especially as we begin this walk through breast cancer. But I decided that I'd rather this blog not be the place for that....this will remain the place where family memories and funny "kid-isms" are recorded. Caringbridge has turned out to be the perfect way to post updates on surgery, treatment, etc.

So I have a camera full of photos from a fun month of July...I'm looking forward to recording the fun memories in the next few posts!

July: A series

It has been a FUN and BUSY summer! We kicked off July by heading to Ann Arbor, Michigan for our niece Lindsey's wedding. Lindsey and Carl got married in the oldest Methodist church in Michigan...a picturesque old white church...and they had their reception under a big white tent on the lawn of the church. We arrived around lunchtime on Friday and jumped right in helping with food runs, wrangling cousins, holding new baby Lily (our other niece and nephew-in-law's new baby), setting up tables, etc. I had the super fun privilege of helping my sister-in-law decorate the cupcakes Lindsey made for the wedding. It was so much fun! Of course, I uploaded pictures in reverse order here, so we're starting with the day after the wedding, but here are a few snapshots of the fun:

The cousins in the hotel elevator....they always have so much crazy fun together!

The newlyweds, Lindsey and Carl, at the Sunday brunch...

Whitney and Dustin and new baby Lily...

At the reception they had a "picture wall" with old family wedding photos, where you could pose behind an open picture fun!

The girls showing off their moves at the outdoor reception...

Just one of the delicious cupcake selections.. yum!

Another of Lindsey's fun ideas...among the tables were mason jars holding "moustache" cut-outs glued to long sticks...made for some fun poses at the picture wall!

Our family just after the wedding.....

The girl cousins looking beautiful....

The handsome boy cousins waiting "patiently" for the pictures to be done.... :)

We had such a fun time....since Ann Arbor is part of Tim's old stomping grounds, we made sure to have our fill of Coney Dogs. We also took a drive around town to see the new football stadium. Super fun!

Next Stop: Chelsea, Michigan to see Tanya and Luman Strong and family!!