Life is, indeed, very good.

Life is, indeed, very good.

Friday, October 14, 2011

August up North...

In August, we had the opportunity to take a trip to Babbitt, MN...the hometown of some dear friends of ours. They no longer live there, but keep the house they grew up in as kind of a "vacation house", which they offered to let us use for a long weekend. Babbitt is a tiny little town about 15 miles away from Ely, MN. Way up north, der, eh? There is a grocery store, a couple of gas stations, and not much else. PERFECT. Just what the doctor ordered!! We loaded up our van with bikes and playclothes and hit the road. Within five minutes of arriving in Babbitt, our kids were on their bikes riding around everywhere (something they can't do in our neighborhood at home). Pete had not yet learned to ride without his training wheels, but on those quiet Babbitt streets he had it down pat within minutes! There is a bike path that leads from Babbitt, through the woods, and down to the lake. So each morning Tim and the kids got up and took a nice long ride. One morning, a young black bear crossed the bike path right in front of them! We swam in the lake, enjoyed bonfires in the backyard, roasted marshmallows, did some sightseeing in Ely (and bought souvenirs of course), saw the Wolf Museum, and RELAXED. It was GREAT.

Catching up...

Well, I sure have fallen behind on keeping track of all the goings-on of the last few months! You'll have to forgive all the backtracking, but I wanted to make sure some of our fun summer memories made it on the blog!

Amidst all the craziness of the breast cancer diagnosis this summer, we did not slow down one bit, it seemed. July was a VERY full month. Our little foster daughter, "the Gulford" as we lovingly called her, was ready to be reunited with her dad. So we made sure to fit in extra trips to the park and extra snuggles. We really miss her, but she's doing great.

Also in July, Peter turned SEVEN years old! Pete is always content with a pretty laid-back birthday, so we had a little family ball-game at the ball diamonds....kept Grandpa and Grandma on their toes around the bases, and enjoyed cake and ice cream afterwards.

I love my family!!! Now...on to August....