Life is, indeed, very good.

Life is, indeed, very good.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to July....Joe goes to camp!

This year was Joe's first time as a camper at Pine Lake Christian Camp in Eldora, IA! He's been there countless times already...once for family camp, once for a work weekend, and many many times taking Janie and Sam to and from their weeks at camp. This July was Joe's turn! Joe is my sensitive, tender-heart boy; I wasn't sure how he would do being left at camp (even though his age-group only stays for three nights). Once we met his counselor and found his cabin, however, it was clear he was going to be just fine! He had his Blow-Pops and Juicy Fruit and his disposable camera, he found his bunk, and he was with his buddy Trey.....he was on top of the world! I knew he would have a great time at camp....having new experiences and learning more about Jesus...and a taste of INDEPENDENCE! I also knew what old friend was secretly folded inside his pillowcase for those moments when he missed home just a little! ;) Joe came home three days later with fun stories, a cool T-shirt, and a faith perhaps a little more his own. Thanks, Pine Lake - we're blessed to have you in our lives!

Monday, August 1, 2011

wedding shorts

A pause in the July series for a little anecdote:

(preface: We don't have to really dress up very often....our church is fairly casual, etc, and there just aren't too many occasions to get really fancy...the boys do NOT like to wear dress pants..they think JEANS are dressy. Their father perpetuates this notion, I might add.)

In the car a while back, I was discussing with one of the boys (I will spare him the identification) why he was wearing the same shorts over and over...

Me: Why do you keep wearing those shorts? (gym shorts)
Boy: I don't have any other shorts!
Me: Yes, you do! You have plenty of nice shorts that fit you really well (meaning nice khaki cargo shorts)
Boy: MO-ooM! Those are WEDDING shorts!!!

Those boys! We let them wear nice shorts and polo shirts to a wedding this summer, and now he thinks those shorts are too dressy to wear any other time!!! He received quite the lecture after that conversation. So did his father, because while getting ready for said wedding, he (Tim) accused me of "trying to kill him" by making him wear a nice, long-sleeved shirt. :) Like father, like son!