Life is, indeed, very good.

Life is, indeed, very good.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

take me out to the ballgame...

It's that time of year again! We've been at the ballpark all spring, hauling blankets, strollers, chairs, and enough food to feed an army (or at least Joe). We've had one hot gameday so far, but otherwise we've been bundled up in winter coats and blankets! It has been a COLD spring!

Baseball season is crazy, especially with all three boys playing (thankfully Joe and Pete are on the same team, so only two teams to keep track of - next year it will be three separate teams). Keeping track of uniforms, uniform socks, gloves, batting gloves, cleats, etc. is a JOB. Not to mention the fact that weeknight games are right at supper time. So it's either eat supper at 4:30, 9:00, or try and bring something somewhat healthy to the games. Concessions? Once in a while, but so expensive...and obviously not what we need to be eating for dinner four nights a week. So we've usually ended up bringing a few snacks to the games, and then eating supper late. We are able feed the Gulford her supper at the game....she likes watching all the kids and is pretty content to sit in the stroller and munch Cheerios. She HATES sitting in the grass. Janie doesn't mind cheering her brothers on, but it's always more fun if she can coerce a friend into tagging along.

It may sound like I'm complaining, but I actually love baseball season. Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of work. But our kids don't play year round sports, so we really look forward to these months. The kids learn so much, and it's wonderful to see them grow and improve each year. We have really been blessed with great coaches who give great instruction and constant encouragement. The Little League diamonds are about a minute drive from our house, and all of the games are played there...super convenient. The boys are always spending their hard-earned money on Big League Chew, and I'll see them up to bat with a wad of gum in their mouths the size of Texas. After each game, the players all get a free pop from the concession's always a hoot to see them tear out of the dugout to go get their ice cold Pepsi or Mt. Dew Code Red.

It's fun, it's growing the skills and character of my boys, and it's great memories. By July, I just may be a little more worn out, but at this point in the season the smell of nachos and the sound of a solid hit make me thankful for this piece of my kids' childhood!

Anyone want to share a pretzel? :)

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