Life is, indeed, very good.

Life is, indeed, very good.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

a lego courtroom

Yesterday we had to hold court at our house. One boy (the defendant) was using a lego piece that he believed belonged to a set he purchased with his own money. Another boy (the plaintiff) was VERY distraught, because he claimed it belonged to the set HE purchased with HIS own money. They both had recently purchased two small sets each. They each bought the "Pharoah's Quest Scarab Attack" set. The other two that they bought were different.

I took these pictures of the piece for evidence....a "scythe" that fits onto the end of a we have the full perspective of this tiny piece of plastic that caused so much turmoil. You see, the boys share legos all the time, but this was a matter of ownership. Principle. We had to get to the bottom of it. After several interviews with the plaintiff, the defendant, and one witness, we had conflicting reports. I thought maybe the Scarab Attack set had come with a scythe, so there would be two floating around the house somewhere. After a futile search for the assembly instructions for all sets in question, we turned to the internet. A quick google search and a little poking around revealed that the scythe was NOT part of the Scarab Attack, nor was it part of the "Prison Carriage Rescue", which is the set purchased by the defendant. The plaintiff was right...the scythe came with his set, the "Prince of Persia Ostrich Race." Case closed.

Welcome to my world. :)

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