Life is, indeed, very good.

Life is, indeed, very good.

Monday, June 7, 2010

more questions, questions.....

Okay, let's see if I can remember the stream of questions in the car's 9:30pm and we're driving home....

Pete: Is it bedtime?
Me: Yes.
Pete: Did you change it?
Me: Did I change what?
Pete: Our bedtime. Is 9:30 our bedtime now?
Me: Well, in the summer 9 or 9:30 is about your bedtime.
Pete: It used to be 8:30. Did you change it?
Me: Yes, I guess I changed it (not feeling the need to explain that if we get home late, that changes bedtime...not like this hasn't happened a million times before..)
....a few minutes later....
Pete: What are activities?
Me: They are things that you do to occupy your time.
Pete: But what ARE activities?
Me: (sigh)
Janie: (understanding her brother's brain better at this point than I am) Peter, they are things like sports or crafts or playing Star Wars or taking a walk...
Pete: I'm doing an activity right now. I'm blinking my eyes......
Me: (audible sigh)
Janie: (audible sigh)
Pete: (crossing I-74 bridge)Does this bridge ever fall down?
Me: Um, no. If it did......(never mind)
Pete: Why doesn't this bridge ever fall down?
Me: Well, they have people to check it to make sure it's still
Pete: Do they check it every day?
Me: Well......
Pete: How do tornadoes come?
Me: Well, the weather has to be just right, and they just appear....(stupid answer, I know...I'm getting exhausted by now)
Pete: Can they come to Illinois?
Me: Yes..
Pete: Can they come to Moline?
Me: Yes....
(Now pulling into driveway to find that Tim is not home - had to work late)
Me: Poor Dad, he's still working (it's almost 10pm)
Joe: How long until the end of his shift?
Me: (not sure where Joe got that idea....) He doesn't have a shift. He just works until the job is done.
Pete: I thought a job took five minutes or you get fired.
Me: (realizing that he's thinking of the time I yelled at the boys about slacking off and how when they get a job, if they take an hour to do a job that should take five minutes, then they'll get fired..I think I may have blogged about that...)
Janie: some jobs should take five minutes, like putting away your clothes....
Peter: How many hours has this day been?
Me: (another audible sigh...perhaps a groan) Pete, just go inside and we'll have a bedtime snack...

I walked inside and went straight to the computer, trying to keep this string of questions fresh in my mind. As I was typing, Pete came in and told me he was going to give me an "after bedtime snack hug". And he did. :)

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  1. I wish they'd check that bridge every day! I'm almost certain my life is going to end every time I cross it. :) Hope you get a good night's rest tonight.