Life is, indeed, very good.

Life is, indeed, very good.

Friday, September 10, 2010

El Monte here we come!

LISTS! They are taped to the wall in various places in my house and scribbled in various spiral notebooks. I'm a very visual person, so I need things taped to the wall in order for me to see/remember them. I am trying a "book" type of calendar instead of a wall calendar this year.....terrible idea for me. I might as well not have one because it never occurs to me to look at it. Anyway, I digress... Yes, I needs lots of lists in order to get the six of us ready for our trip to camp El Monte. We are bringing a ridiculous amount of luggage....

...believe me, that photo is just the tip of the iceberg! But some of what we're packing is tools and electrical material that Tim could get much cheaper here in the U.S. than in Mexico - even though there is a Home Depot about an hour away from El Monte. We're also packing some items for the missionary families there. I've got one more day to fit everything in the bags and weigh them to make sure they're not too heavy, etc. Your prayers for smooth sailing through the airports and customs would be MUCH appreciated!

We are so excited to go, although there are lots of unknowns about what it will be like to be there! So we're trying to have no expectations and just roll with it. We know we'll be staying in a home on the camp property that belongs to another missionary family on furlough. One other missionary family lives on the camp property and two others live in town. I'm very glad to know we'll have "neighbors". Who speak English! We've been trying to learn a little Spanish, but I know it will be WAY different than the Rosetta Stone lady who speaks nice and slowly! So we are prepared to be unprepared and ROLL WITH IT! "Flexico" is the word we were told, I believe. (?)

I could go on forever about what an experience this has been...even just the preparation. It has stretched me and humbled me. Wow, has it humbled me. It has been so fun to have friends and family support us in so many ways and be excited to share in the experience with are just a few of the ways people have gotten involved:
-some friends from church had Janie babysit to earn money towards the trip
-lots of people donated items to our garage sale
-cookies donated to sell in our bake sale
-a friend gave us two bags of really nice work gloves
-our cats will be in good hands (not Dave Huntley's hands, though - even though he "offered" :)
-we have received some backpacks and small kid-sized suitcases
-a dinner the night before we leave so I don't have to cook and do dishes (woot!)
-monetary contributions
-encouragement, encouragement, encouragement.

We know we're going to El Monte to help with building projects, but I know God has much more than that in store. Wow.

I hope to post updates here, but I don't know how frequently I'll be able to. If all else fails, we'll take tons of pictures and post them when we return.

I wish you all could come, too! (Hmm.....maybe next summer? :)

love, T


  1. We are praying for you and your family and hope that you have a wonderful and BLESSED time in Mexico. :)

  2. Teri- It's a bit overwhelming to think about all you guys have to think about in order to prepare. I am so happy that you have all been blessed in this way and am confident that the people in El Monte will be the ones to end up blessed in a huge way just to have you all there.
    All my prayers and support, Leisha

  3. Praying for you!!! What a blessing this trip will be for both your family and the lives of the people you will be with. God is so GOOD!!!