Life is, indeed, very good.

Life is, indeed, very good.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


February is always an odd month. It's still winter, but winter seems to lose its luster by February. Right now the remaining snow is kind of dingy and crusty - we could really use another good snowfall to make things pretty again. And it's cold. I'm not sure if it's really too cold to play outside or if by February I start to become a pansy about it. Either way, I'm really hoping we get some more snow. We've still got lots of sledding left in us, and we haven't even been night-sledding yet! other news, we got a call from DCFS today asking if we could do respite care for a few days for a 1yr. old little girl. It's only for the weekend, but we're excited - especially Janie. All of the little ones we've taken care of so far have been boys. Believe me, she has loved each one of them. But she's been waiting and waiting for a girl. Doing foster care has been a really special thing for us so far. It has blessed me more than anything to see our kids welcome these little ones into our home with open arms. So we're looking forward to getting out the high chair and bibs and baby toys!

About the picture: This is what we wished we could have been doing today, so I thought I'd share this picture from about a month ago. This was taken at our church, where 7-foot-high snowdrifts line the parking lot thanks to the snowplows. There was much diving and jumping and climbing that day. It was great.

p.s. the delicious-looking grapefruit from the Fareway was WELL worth it. Seriously the sweetest and reddest grapefruit I've eaten. (It's the little things in life, you know.)

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