Life is, indeed, very good.

Life is, indeed, very good.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

Oops! I didn't mean for a week to go by with no new news. Well, there really is no news. We're sick. I don't think Sam has left the house in seven days...I'm not sure about everyone's all a blur. Just yesterday I was considering myself such a stud-mom germ-resistor, because with all these sicknesses I hadn't felt one symptom. I'm sure you know what's coming.....I woke up achy and feeling like my face was being squeezed in. Pride cometh before a fall. So I haven't had the camera out much this week. I'm not even sure where it is. Anyway, I like to go through old pictures on the computer, and some of them just bring back the greatest memories. This picture isn't too old...from last fall. Joe lost three or four teeth last fall, and this one he really wanted Dad to pull out with the pliers. I have no idea why, but that's what he wanted. He was so excited! Isn't this a great picture? That brings us to the issue of the tooth fairy. Our house has a tooth fairy, but we really need a replacement. Our tooth fairy is completely incompetent. I don't know if any of our kids have ever been visited by the tooth fairy on the actual night when they put the tooth under the pillow. They used to come downstairs the next morning in tears, and I would have to explain that sometimes the tooth fairy has a really busy night, and they should just leave the tooth under the pillow and check later. For a while, it seemed like she would show up within a few hours, but lately it seems like it's taking days..sometimes longer! Every now and then she will leave a note of apology and even an extra quarter or two for the mental suffering. Now I don't even hear about it if she doesn't show up. They might say, "Mom, the tooth fairy never came when I left my tooth under my pillow last month." But it's sort of matter-of-fact, not really an issue of personal strife. Janie has asked me for years if I'm the tooth fairy, and I always say, "Don't you think I would KNOW if I was the tooth fairy??" So I don't know. Maybe we should get a MAN tooth fairy. Maybe he'd get the job done a little more efficiently...none of this procrastination nonsense. I don't know if he'd be a cheapskate or if he'd be more generous than our current fairy. Peter hasn't started losing teeth yet, and maybe he's accustomed to hearing about the tooth fairy being late all the time. Either way, I suppose it's just one more thing they'll discuss in therapy twenty years from now. By then, our tooth fairy will be long retired. :( And I'm sure she'll miss those precious days!

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  1. now I don't feel so bad about our sad little tooth fairy. She isn't very punctual either. I think she may have even lost a tooth once. We blamed it on the dog :-)